Nursing Station at UCVH

At Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital, we take pride in providing competent and compassionate care to patients within our community. In order to provide high quality care, we promote continuous professional growth and development within the nursing department. Our nurses are autonomous and advocate for the needs of our patients. Many of our nursing staff members are cross trained to various departments within the hospital such as the Medical Surgical Department, the Emergency Department, the Operating Room, and Ambulatory Nursing Services Department.

Whenever possible we accept patients, who were previously transferred, back to our facility for their rehabilitation and skilled nursing needs. We make every attempt to bring patients within our community “home” to receive the individualized care that they need. For more information, please call our Care Management Department at 603-388-4257 or 603-388-4258.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Nurses Station directly at 603-388-4253.
If you have an interest in joining a nursing team where you can really make a difference and be a part of a family centered organization, please contact Human Resources at (603) 388-4236.